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 (rite) Where is Bryan ?

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Matthew O'Murchu

night of the hunter

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(rite) Where is Bryan ? Empty
MessageSujet: (rite) Where is Bryan ?   (rite) Where is Bryan ? EmptyMar 12 Juil - 21:10


Once upon a time, in a not-that-far-away land, lived a man named Matthew. He was lying down on a bed. His eyes were hard to open since his last night was a bit disturbed. Indeed, last Friday night, he went to this bar and then... And then... Well, he guessed he got lay. After a deep breath he finally moved under the blanket to feel something on his side.

There’s a stranger in my bed.” He mumbled when he passed a hand on the pillow next to him. Someone was lying with him. Matthew decided to roll on his side to see another person.
Well, there are two strangers in my bed.” He said again deeply annoyed by this situation. Usually, he remembered his nights of fun but of course when it was something really fun with a lot of people he had to forget. Of course.
Excuse-me sweet one.” A fourth person told with a huskily voice. “But you are not in your bed, but his.”

Matthew looked at the door in front of him. A woman with long and beautiful long hair was staring straight at him with a cup of coffee in her hand. She was pointing the one who was sleeping on his left. She was quite lovely even if she had bags under her eyes. Our dear hunter realised he and the woman were deep in a hangover.
There was a grunt on his right, and he saw a young man with red hair waking up. The red hair boy stood still when he noticed there were three other persons in the room with him.

Don’t tell me I’ve done what I think I’ve done.” He said in a sort of apprehension.
Don’t panic, boy.” Matthew ordered while the woman giggled. “You certainly had the best night of your life so don’t complain about it.
But I barely remember a damn thing!
Me too, boy.”
Where is Brian?!” The last sleeping person suddenly shot out when he awaked. “Where the hell is Brian?

The three other persons in the room complained about the noise before our Mat’ asked the question.

Don’t know mate. Who the fuck is Brian?
A guinea pig. Oh my god, it’s my little sister’s. She will cut my throat out.
Don’t remember a guinea pig.” The woman said while drinking her coffee.
Nobody remembers a guinea pig sweetie. Nobody remembers anything.” Matthew noticed.
Tell me we’ve done nothing with this animal.” The red hair one whispered.

Three disgusted looks responded to this question. The owner of the flat was colourless from his anxiety and his headache.

Where is Brian, where is Brian, where is Brian...” He kept moaning.

To stop this moaning, they decided to start Brian’s research. Matthew was completely bored in this situation. He was using to adrenaline and hunting witches, not a damn guinea pig! Seriously, what did happen with this animal?

Maybe you think that you can hide; I can smell your scent from miles... Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals…” The woman was singing during her reach in the living room.
Oh my god, stop singing and focus!” The Wilde’s henchman shot already pissed off this song.
It’s a no from me!” The red hair boy added while lifting up a pillow.
I seriously need an aspirin right now.” The owner of the place sighted.

Everyone agreed with him. Our hunter got out under the bed and decided to take a coffee like the woman did. Once into the kitchen, he stopped in front of the sink. He thought he could explode because of his frustration. He murmured:

In the kitchen. Brian is in the kitchen. He started to yell for the others. Brian was in the kitchen the whole time! Alright, I’m done.

The three people came to see the guinea pig literally taking a bath with the dishes. Definitely upset Matthew got back to the room to get his stuff.

Where are you going?” The woman asked.
Straight outta this place.

Definitely, hunting witches was much fun.

Brian is in the kitchen.” He bitterly repeated.
Matthew at the end:

Born with a soul that doesn't want to be saved
Oublié, pulvérisé, déchiré, ce qu'il a été. Guerrier redoutable, chien sanguinaire, attaché à la fidélité comme à une laisse. Mais le chaos est là, derrière son sourire, son charme. Patience, un jour il finira par mordre la main nourricière, car la haine qu'on lui a jeté en pâture lui est devenu indigeste. code par Little Wolf
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(rite) Where is Bryan ?
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